Viet Nam Motorcycle Rentals

Whatever your preferences, we have a lot of good quality motorcycles to suit your taste and riding ability when you traveling in Vietnam.

All of our Viet Nam motorcycle rentals are the best, top of range models and each bike is hand-picked based on its reliability and ability to handle Viet Nam roads. A motorcycle rental will allow you to enjoy all the twisty windy roads, sweeping bends, and long straights that the Viet Nam has to offer. Discover views so incredibly your camera will not be able to do them justice, and motorbike riding that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Reed R.

“Best Rental Shop ever!”
Great selection of bikes. Ability to recommend the best bike for your specific trip. Super
knowledgable of the area and will literally plan out a route and give to you. I rented a Honda XR 150 - essentially brand new - great machine. Thuy has great English and is all around awesome. My only regret is not taking them up on the guided tour offer as I am sure they would be great to ride with - but I typically ride solo so I only rented.

Look no further. Get the bike! Ride hard! Ride safe!