Hanoi Guided Car Tours

“Organizing a private departure is a great way to take your tour to the next level of personalized service and create a more memorable experience.”

We customize privately guided car tours in Vietnam based on your interests, time and budget. Want to see Hanoi with a local friend? Would you like help arranging a multi-day itinerary of destinations the Northern and Throughout Vietnam? Let us accompany you on your discoveries of Vietnam. Learn more about our Private Tours.

Nienke From:  Groningen, Netherlands

Email: nienke.d.jong@facebook.com

We booked a tour from the 10th of August until the 13th. This was a very good experience! We first wanted to go to Sapa because we had heard that it was very beautiful, however, Long managed to convince us to take a tour from Ha Giang to Dong Van, Meo Vac, and Babe lake. We definitely not regretted the decision to listen to him, the landscapes were breathtaking and Thuy and Long can tell a lot about Vietnamese culture and the ethnic people in the area. Unfortunately, we got some engine trouble halfway through, but Thuy and Long did their best to solve this as soon as possible. Because of the engine trouble we lost a day, however, Thuy offered us an extra day for no additional cost. However, the trip costs a lot of money, which is worth it when you have good weather, But it can feel like a lot when you sit on the back of a bike for eight hours in the rain. In the end, although we can certainly recommend Hanoi Easyriders!